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Human’s Lib – Howard Jones #598


Human’s Lib by Howard Jones

Nothing says 80’s music more than a bloke with spiky hair and a synthesiser.


Oh, Howard Jones. I remember you with your spiky hair on singing What is Love? on Top of the Pops. I remember you on Live Aid singing Hide and Seek. I remember trying to work out the inaudibly sung lyrics in pre-internet days. I remember seeing you on a “We wuz in the Eighties” vox pop TV show in the early noughties. I remember thinking “What ever happened to Howard Jones?”.

This is Jones’ first album featuring three of his hit songs from his early 80s career. Rich in 80s synth melody with interesting if a little bitter lyrics the album has fared well in time but doesn’t carry as much of the welly as other albums from contemporary bands and artists. It’s more of a choice of listen than something you would  build an iTunes playlist from.

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Brilliant – Ultravox (#223)

Ultravox_-_Brilliant_album_coverBrilliant – Ultravox

Midge Ure and chums get together again to boost their pension pots which have no doubt been drained dry through excessive hobnobbery and pop star lifestylishness. Unfortunately, after a 28 year hiatus it’s unlikely that your reunion will be headline news to anyone but serious fans, nor is it likely to attract new fans. Moreover, as the majority of original fans are now probably pushing 50 something, it’s even more unlikely that new audiences are going to surface for another 20 years or so. Read the rest of this entry »

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