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Fallen – Evanescence [#458]

EvFallencover01I believe that the popularity of Evanescence can be linked to American music execs attempting to capture the zeitgeist of female fronted goth rock bands and the increasing popularity of big breasted valkyrien symphonic goth metal from Scandinavia. Their popularity was fuelled by their appearance on a variety of slightly emo-esque movies of the time such as Daredevil only to wane and disperse following rumours of Christian rock leanings.

Initially I was just as keen as most other people. I liked the sorrowful My Immortal and I started to admire their most popular Bring Me to Life until analysing the lyrics had me realise that there was something fishy in the belly of this whale and that there was possibly a leaning towards the insidious proliferation of religion in youth culture by conservatives keen on dulling the growth of the darker shades of popular culture in the shadow of Columbine and the implication of such culture in inspiring those involved in the shootings, with the additional moral panic whipped up by the American hyper-conservative based Murdochian press towards goths.

But that’s just my opinion.

The album Fallen is the bands first album (We’ve already seen their second album, Anywhere But Home, on the music project) and serious fans might suggest their only album (the band split and changed its line up before their third album). It’s presence in my music collection solely because I was fond of two tracks at a time when I should have known better.

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Death to the Pixies – The Pixies [#351]

Pixies-DeathToThePixiesCoverSometime in the 1990s I must have been living under a rock or something. It seems that, to everyone else, the greatest band that ever performed were around and releasing records. Of course, living under a rock meant that I was unaware of this. Probably in the same way as I was unaware of many other musical things. See, that’s what it was like in the pre-internet nineties; if you wanted to find out about the latest music you either had to know someone who worked at Our Price or read NME.

I didn’t know anyone that worked at Our Price. I knew someone that had a music shop, but they sold instruments and rented videos on the side. I also didn’t read NME. Paul Sanderson read NME. Mike Reagan read NME. Most other people I knew thought NME was something to do with miners or something.

Then the late nineties came and I was more musically astute. There I am listening to Uncut magazines 4AD compilation upon which is a track called Debaser. Only to me they’re singing about a steam basin. Lyrics have never been my strong point. My then pre-first-wife says to me that this song is by the Pixies and that I should like them.

At some other point in that time, there I am in work, whistling absent mindedly along to Debaser while doing a stock take in the stationery cupboard. Along comes my chum Nick.  “I didn’t know you liked the Pixies” he says to me from under his beret and soul patched face. “I don’t” I replied. “Well you should like them“.

It seemed that if I wanted to be accepted in the world, I had to relinquish my grasp of seventies prog and, at that stage, eighties goth and embrace the modern musical age welcomingly by liking The Pixies. So I went to the Virgin Megastore (HMV was and is shit for music like this) and picked myself a copy of the Pixies’ greatest hits.

And this is said album. I know I should like them. But I don’t. I like two songs on their greatest hits, Debaser and Monkey Gone to Heaven. I should like more of their work. I don’t. I am a failure when it comes to being a hipster it seems.



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Deadwing – Porcupine Tree [#350]

Porcupine Tree - DeadwingAs you know, if you have been following this blog closely, I have a lot of music. We are only just at entry number 350 and thats after I’ve deleted some albums from my collection that I simply could not be bothered to listen to.

Indeed, there are many albums still to come and there are many that I will hold up my hands to and say “I’ve never listened to this album in my life!”. However, because I believe in quality research when it comes to writing, I do actually listen to those albums before I write an entry.

And so, with approximately three hundred and fifty albums talked about within these megabytes, we come to Deadwing by Porcupine Tree. Now you might remember the last
time we met Porcupine Tree on Stegzy’s Music Project and I talked about how I was introduced to the band’s music by my television productions lecturer and how now I’m middle aged and don’t have time to listen to music like I did in the past. I also talked about how I listened to Coma Divine for the first time and caught myself doing air guitar.

Guess what? Well, recently I obtained Elite:Dangerous and I have been flying around the galaxy with music on in the background, just like I used to do when I was unemployed in the nineties. This enables me to listen to albums in their entirety, just like in the olden days rather than by listening to music on a Saturday morning and hastily cobbling together a few hundred words about the music I’ve just listened to.
Anyway, such circumstances enabled me to listen to Deadwing in its entirety for the first time the other day. Indeed, the experience once again caught me doing air guitar and tapping my foot along to the music. Not bad for only the third Porcupine Tree album I’ve ever listened to.

Deadwing is a concept album about a ghost story. Nobody is entirely certain what the ghost story actually is simply because the band won’t say. In true Prog fashion, lead singer Steven Wilson knocked together a screenplay with his pal and then set about writing the accompanying soundtrack. Of course this was many years ago and the screenplay is still to actually become a corporal entity. But not to worry because you can listen to the excellent music well in advance and make your own screenplay up in your head. With better special effects and a cast of whoever you fancy.

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