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#145 – Belbury Tales – Belbury Poly

Belbury Tales Belbury Tales – Belbury Poly

There was a time before 24hr TV when BBC programme schedulers did a poor job. People would turn their televisions off after watching their programme and return to strangling the mop or smoking a pipe in the parlour until the next programme they had selected came on.

Around this time, BBC schedulers were not focussed on things finishing on time. It was often the case that TV programmes would over or under run, leaving the station with the problem of finding something to fill the gap. Of course this is in the days before TV self promotion and when people could be arsed to turn off their telly.

But during those heady days of fill-in’s, viewers would often be subjected to educational shorts such as films about a potter’s wheel or a machine making pencils or trains going into tunnels. The soundtrack to these films would normally sound like Belbury Poly.

If you took a large drop of acid or a hallucinogen of your choice you could quite easily listen to this album and find yourself educated while your mind plays educational fill-ins like: Potters wheel, Telephone Exchange or Industrial Processes 1954-1974.

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