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Blue is the Colour – Beautiful South (#205)

Blue is the Colour - Beautiful SouthBlue is the Colour – Beautiful South

Another band I’ve been told I must like. Sorry. I don’t. I never have. Even when they were the Housemartins. Hated them. Sorry.

Why is it in my collection then? Well remember, I have acquired many albums over the years and when breakups occur, instead of having to divvy up the CD collection, you just copypasta the MP3 collection and everyone is happy, no?

Beautiful South though…no. Can’t understand the appeal. Musically they’re bland, formulaic and uninspiring. Lyrically, they’re nothing special. Maybe I just haven’t had the right tunes forced upon me. Not sure. Anyway, no. Not for me. Sorry.

I can’t even face finding a Youtube video for them either….


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