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Beyond The Sun – Chris Isaak (182)

Beyond The Sun – Chris Isaak Beyond The Sun - Chris Isaak

I wasn’t impressed by Mr Isaak when this was released. Albums like this only show the creativity of the original artist and not the one covering the songs.

If you’re not familiar with Beyond the Sun, Isaak released this in 2011 to much publicity. The album features Isaak covering classic songs from the Sun record label of the 1950s/1960s. Isaak channels Presley, Cash and others. Sings and plays just like the originals.

But then you think, why did I spend my hard earned cash on this when I could have just fumbled about in that dusty box of 45s in the loft or paid some guy at a car boot 40p for the originals.

Seriously. Lazy musicianship.


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