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Born of the Night – Midnight Syndicate [#212]

Born of the Night - Midnight SyndicateBorn of the Night – Midnight Syndicate 

If you ever want to give your neighbours the impression you are a goat worshiping Satanist or maybe get the locals gossiping about you being a bit odd. Then all you have to do is put this album on, invite a few local dignitaries round for a glass of red wine and roll your eyes uncontrollably while chanting in Latin every hour or so.


This album will make you seem like either a teenager trying to be all out goth or a middle aged nut case who wants Peter Sutcliffe or Charlie Manson as bunk mates. If you were holding a seriously dark Halloween party then yeah, this would go down well providing, of course, there are no plans to dish out psychotropic drugs with the jelly and ice-cream.


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Born Again – Blood Axis [#211]

51S-P4BcnYL._SL500_AA280_Born Again – Blood Axis

We first came across Blood Axis on his collaboration with Le Joyaux de la Princesse. If you recall, he’s the guy who reads all the English translated French poetry to weird atmospheric remixes of gramophone records. Oh yeah, he gets better. Truly.

So here we are at his third studio album, Born Again. Michael Moynahan menaces his way through 12 tracks of moroseness. Great stuff. Of course you’ll only really appreciate how good when people tell you that the music you’re listening to is a racket and can you please turn it off. Which happens everytime with Born Again. I love it! Possibly not as much as his first studio effort, Gospel of Inhumanity but not that far off.

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