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#152 – The Best Anthems in the World…Ever – Various Artists

The Best Anthems in the World...Ever - Various ArtistsThe Best Anthems in the World…Ever – Various Artists

This compilation does for Indie and the noughties what The Best Air Guitar Album in the World did for rock. Here we find songs and bands from the late nineties and early noughties which became the soundtrack to New Labour Britain.

Some of the artists, Chumbawumba for example, are one hit wonders while others such as Blur and Reef stride the boundaries of indie and rock like Duran Duran and Simple Minds connect us to the eighties.

However, after the first 10 songs or so we enter into forgettable tracks. It’s almost as if the compiler has struggled to fill the 41 track compilation with similarly rememberable songsmiths. Still, it’s good car music, for those long journeys where arguments over what should be played are rife.

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#136 – Beautiful Freak – Eels

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 09.15.26Beautiful Freak – Eels

Just like Blur and Oasis were the sound of the 90s in the UK, Eels, to me, were the sound of the 90s and noughties for the grungy gritty indie yoof types. Ne’er a film or a television programme about teens or early 20 somethings would be broadcast or shown without some Eels writhing about on the soundtrack.

I like this album. There are a number of good tracks that automatically whisk me back to the midwest of America of the time that I never visited due to my opposition to the dictatorship of George Bush.

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