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In a Living Hell – Hey Marsha! [#618]

UnknownIf you lived in South Liverpool during the late 1980s you would have seen posters around the place for local popsters Hey Marsha!. On the back of the emerging Madchester scene, rising youth unemployment, low prospects and the internet not having been invented yet, not to be out done, Liverpool had its own popular music revival scene. Bands like Pyramid Dream, The Stairs, The Farm and Hey Marsha! jostled to be the next Beatles, be discovered and propelled to a life of occasional studio dates, late into the night boozing and drug parties.

Sadly, the horse I backed, Hey Marsha!, split, reformed as The Numbers, split and then went off to become accountants, teachers and office workers at the council, which goes to show I’m never a good judge of good music; John Peel, I’ll never be. Unfortunately, in the days before AOL and Freeserve, the band’s marketing was mostly limited to flyposting, sending advance copies to journalists and use of Probe Studios in Button Street while no doubt leaving their lyrics in the green room and typing out their setlists so that meant they didn’t get the coverage I think they deserved.

In a Living Hell, is a vinyl rip I did a few years back of the band’s EP so you won’t find it in the shops. Sadly, because of this, it’s also not freely available on the internet. Also, when ripping the vinyl I discovered that a cat had been sick all over the record some years previous and I hadn’t noticed as a result the grooves are now clogged and the first track has a massive gap in it.

Instead, here is the only Youtube video I can find of the band’s music from their first release Optimism Flamed. Until writing this entry, I’d never heard the track before, but you can get a great feel for the band’s sound through this track.


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#122 – Bang! – Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 18.48.47Bang! – Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Frankie Goes to Hollywood were supposed to be the eighties answer to the Beatles. As anyone from Liverpool will tell you, the Beatles put the city on the map. This is what is taught in schools in the Liverpool area.

In fact, I’ll go as far to say, give birth in a Liverpool hospital and you can be assured that the Beatles will be playing in the delivery room just so the wee one can be indoctrinated welcomed into the wonders of the four apostles John Paul George and Ringo.

At the time Frankie surfaced Liverpool was going through a bit of a down patch. Unemployment was high, people were avoiding the city and so was government policy. Then a bright spark, Trevor Horn no less, said “Hey, what Liverpool needs is some more pop music icons like the Beatles. Inject some culture into the place…”. And that’s what he did.

With lyrics screaming with homosexual overtones, shocking banned music videos and drug addled public appearances, Frankie put Liverpool back on the map briefly. Then fizzled away into a poor second album and an iffy solo career for lead singer Holly Johnson.

Bang! is Frankie’s best of album. This is the only Frankie album you need.



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