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Incas Valley – Yes/Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe[#630]

Unknown-4As long term readers of this project might remember, during the divergence of Yes in the early nineties, when Chris Squire said “No” to Jon Anderson’s use of the band name


forcing the creation of  the eponymous Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (and later the creation of Anderson Rabin Wakeman (ffs!)), Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford, Rick “Keyboard Wizard” Wakeman and Steve “Carpet” Howe  got together with Tony Levin, released an album and went on a world tour entitled An Evening of Yes Music. Incas Valley is the bootleg of one of those shows.

I remember being excited at the prospect of Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe touring the UK with their show and hoped that I would be granted permission from my parents to go to their gig, the closest to me at the time was in Birmingham. Sadly, my olds decreed that 16 was too young to go to Birmingham to see a rock band on my own and my older brothers couldn’t care less about their younger brother’s musical development so didn’t offer to take me. Instead one recorded onto a cassette a BBC radio broadcast of the gig instead so I had to make do with that.

Many years later I discovered the Incas Valley bootleg on a binary newsgroup and it was pretty much the same set but with extras. So now, to relive that experience, I often play Incas Valley on my stereo in the kitchen while I charge myself £40 to sit in the loft and pretend I’m in the Birmingham Arena. Win!

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Album #67 – Among My Swan – Mazzy Star

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 14.54.23 Among My Swan – Mazzy Star

At school I was known as Mazzy S by some of my colleagues. Never really asked why. I just accepted it and moved on.

One day someone said “Ah Mazzy S, like Mazzy Star”. I queried them and they explained that Mazzy Star was a band. I asked if they were progressive rock and got told that they weren’t. So there ended my interest in them.

Spin forward a few years and Mrs-Soon-to-Be-Ex-Gnomepants mentioned that she liked a few songs by Mazzy Star. So here was my chance to find out what they were like.

Imagine being really depressed. At that depressed level where you are sat in a bar on your own staring at your shoes and wishing the world was a nicer place. Then imagine the bar owner getting really upset at you not buying any drinks and to get out of the place as he doesn’t open for another five hours or so.

Well Mazzy Star is like that.

Cold. Uncaring and shoegazery. I am not a hipster.

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