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Conquest, Love and Self-Perseverance – Ordo Equilibrio [#302]

UnknownSome time back I came across an album called Looking For Europe, a compendium of neofolk music from across Europe. This led to a musically investigational journey where I explored the boundaries of dark folk, neo folk, goth and similar genres in a quest to find something to blow my mind.

I found that something in the guise of David Galas but on the journey I acquired a collection of music that haunted my soul. Now, we’ve already met one such band on the music project, Ordo Equitum Solis, a band that had long dissolved itself when I was discovering the genre for myself. But in the hunger for more OES I would grab anything that seemingly sounded similar.

Swedish group Ordo Equilibrio have been described as apocalyptic folk. They’re certainly dark wave and more definitely neofolk in many respects. But I’d say they’re more dark wave than neofolk.

Conquest, Love and Self-Perseverance is their third album on the Cold Meat Industry label, often played on the Aural Apocalypse podcast produced by DJ Merrick and in goth clubs around the world, it has been described as “Music for your satanic cult” and “Music for your S&M dungeon”.


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