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Boy with the Arab Strap – Belle & Sebastian (#216)

Boy with the arab strapBoy with the Arab Strap – Belle & Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian are another band I was told I would should like. I hate that. I hate being told I should like something.

Anyway, as it happens I should have liked them and I do. Should have because had I been into Belle and Sebastian earlier I might be able to wear a soul patch, ponce about with a beret and call myself a hipster. As it happens I’m way too cool for all that and besides, Belle and Sebastian are so last year and a poor shade on what they used to be like when Stuart was in the band.

See. I know all the hipster talk.

Besides, there is no one in the band called Belle and I’m buggered if I can remember anyone called Sebastian being in it either.

Anyway, this unremarkable album tries to recapture the momentum started by If You’re Feeling Sinister by being extra quirky in sound (it fails) and the sixth form bandishness achieved through Lazy Line Painter Jane in It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career (and failing again). John Peel once said about Belle and Sebastian “Who?”; a sentiment held by many today too. However there are some memorable tracks on this album and you could say that all the albums following this release are shite. That way you too can start to grow that goatee and affect those charity shop tweeds.


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#108 – Automatic – Jesus & Mary Chain

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 17.45.04Automatic – Jesus & Mary Chain

Scottish rock. It seems to be featuring heavily in this project. Maybe I was Scottish once. Or maybe they’re just good at making music.

Automatic is the Jesus & Mary Chain’s third studio album. You can really hear the hints of dirty damp streets of East Kilbride oozing from the synths. I can just imagine the Scottish teenage girls with attitude listening to this in an attempt to be independent yet mainstream.

But unfortunately, as with most 80s bands, excellence comes too late and many potential fans have already heard it a hundred times before from other artists.

One for the recycle bin I think….


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