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Album #64 – Always Got Tonight – Chris Isaak

on July 5, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 13.17.14Always Got Tonight – Chris Isaak

One more day, is all he asks for in his first track of this album.

Isaak returns to form in this 2002 release.

As already discussed in the previous Isaak album entry, 2 Metre Sessie, my love for Mr Isaak’s music stems from my youth. Back in the day, I had moved from regular visits to HMV to relying on friends and the internet for my music information. So it is probably no wonder that I didn’t come across this album until several years after it was released. And what a shame it was that I did.

Had it been released in the nineties I probably would have given it more attention but by the time I had come across it I was preoccupied with home making and Scandinavian operatic rock. So as a result it sat in my music collection unlistened to for some time.

Isaak’s unmistakable sound reverberates through this album like a stick in a metal bucket. It’s full of good lonesome tunes bemoaning the breakup of undiscussed relationships, extolling the virtues of being in love and being America. American Boy the tenth track on this album featured heavily in Isaak’s television show which, for reasons unknown, was shown too late in the night to be noticed by me. Thus I listen to this album and feel guilty about not being a true fan and staying up until ungodly o’clock to watch his escapades.



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