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Album #77 – Another Kind of Love – Joe Bonamassa

on July 18, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 13.51.45Another Kind of Love – Joe Bonamassa

I have a friend who is a guitarist. Jim is a very good guitarist. Jim knows how to play his guitar with feeling and passion. Much like Joe Bonamassa. Joe Bonamassa, unfortunately, is not my friend. If he was, I could imagine him and Jim doing something together. With lots of hair.

My first introduction to Bonamassa was a live cover of New Day Yesterday and this was the only album I was able to obtain before I lost the use of fast internet (I now live where a broad band is a group of potbellied musicians).

Blues rock guitar with plenty of chugga-chugga. Nice for one of those days when you’re working on an engine in your garage or doing some other manly thing wearing denim and cheese cloth shirts. Possibly in the blazing New Mexico heat while smoking roll ups and wearing a bandanna.

Another one of those musicians that lots of people have heard about but neglected to tell me.


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