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Album #84 – Arcana – Edenbridge

on July 25, 2014

Edenbridge - Arcana (Front)Arcana – Edenbridge

Guess what?

More tight leather trousered European women with dark flowing hair singing along to twiddly keyboards and chuggachugga guitar riffs. Brilliant.

Austria’s Edenbridge were the last of my big boobed metal band discoveries. On the basis that Shine was quite enjoyable, I sourced the entire Edenbridge back catalogue and now wish I had better taste in music. Sabine Edelsbacher melodically shrieks fairy tale lyrics to boyfriend Lanvall’s speed metal guitar twiddling and Roland Navratil’s RSI inducing drum beats.

I quite like this album. It sneaks up on you like a bad cold in June. I’ve almost deleted it a number of times but I keep fetching it back out from the recycle bin so I must like it.

Nothing really of note memory wise to tell about this album. It’s typical Edenbridge fayre on the back of the metal bands lead by women movement of the noughties.



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