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Album #86 – Arrival – Abba

on July 27, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 15.22.30 Arrival – ABBA

Oh dear.

I grew up on a force fed diet of  ABBA to such an extent they are part of my genetics. Every song I hear is immediately recognised as ABBA, in fact, I often go as far to say that ABBA was more influential than the Beatles. Yes. That’s right. I said it. Me a scouser. ABBA are more influential on culture than the Beatles will ever be and they remain so.

Arrival was ABBA’s fourth studio album and was released in 1976. Cheesey cheery pop with often sinister lyrics. When I Kissed the Teacher is clearly unPC these days, Dancing Queen is also very suspicious when listened with modern ears and as for Money Money Money…well that’s just wrong on so many levels.

Arrival clearly makes the happy cheery smiley face of cheesey pop grin that little bit wider. However, when you look deep into the eyes of the beast, you notice pain, emotional earthquakes and  sinister sexual overtones. Moreover, on closer inspection you will cringe everytime Auntie Beryl sings away to Dancing Queen at the family disco.

Not a bad album once you see past the ribbons and fluff.


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