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Album #96 – Asleep on The Floodplain – Six Organs of Admittance

on August 6, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 14.32.02Asleep on The Floodplain – Six Organs of Admittance

Throughout this project I have had some preconceptions. It is natural to have preconceptions. This particular preconception is that Six Organs of Admittance (SOA) are a one trick pony of gloomy music for use in horror films.


That is wrong. That is an incorrect preconception. As I listen to Asleep on the Floodplain for the first time,  I now realise the true genius and talent that bely the group SOA. This is a completely different slant to Ascent. In fact in style it is so different it is like asking Elvis to perform Abba. A little more acoustic than Ascent but unmistakably SOA.  Tiny dribbles of Meddle era Floyd and occasional blips of Spirit’s Randy California.





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