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#101: At Royal Albert Hall With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Renaissance

on August 11, 2014

Renaissance - Renaissance at the Royal Albert hall ''Live'' [part 1] (Front) renaissance16At Royal Albert Hall With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Renaissance

Earlier in the project I introduced readers to the artist, Renaissance; Annie Haslam, Michael Dunford et al.  Renaissance are one of those prog bands that have undergone many line-up changes and developed themselves into what they are today. Very much like Yes.

This is a live album spread over 2 discs. It was recorded at the Royal Albert Hall. Along with accompaniment from  The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Self explanatory really.

This line up has Annie, Michael and Orchestra joined by:

  • John Tout – keyboards
  • Jon Camp – vocals, bass
  • Terence Sullivan – drums, percussion

This is the best introduction to Renaissance as a band. It has all the “Classic” Renaissance favourites. Lots of twiddly and what sounds like a very enthusiastic audience. Again, I’m surprised I never encountered them until 2001. But, as you will read, there are many other albums to come.

Unfortunately I was unable to locate any Youtube footage of the actual Albert Hall concert, so instead, here is a broadcast recorded about the same time.




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