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#120 – Baja Sessions – Chris Isaak

on August 29, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 17.46.52Baja Sessions – Chris Isaak

Chris Isaak returns to the project. This time with an unplugged session of some of his better songs and a few covers.

There seemed to have been a movement that passed me by around the mid-90s where bands all started chucking out acoustic and lo-fi versions of their work. I’m not complaining.

This is good stuff. If studio Isaak has you feeling like you should slick your hair back, look aloof and pained yet cool and thoughtful; Lo-fi Isaak will have you wanting to sit on a porch with your dudes and guitar while a stream of girls walk past giving you the eye. Just like they do to Chris.

Of course that’s as likely to happen as the Vatican winning the world cup.


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