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#125 – Bat Out of Hell (Re-Vamped) – Meatloaf

on September 3, 2014

R-1765376-1323036806 Bat Out of Hell [Re-Vamped] – Meatloaf

Nothing could be more rousing than a fat bloke bellowing out a good old rock song. Especially if that rock song involves motorbikes.

As an impressionable teen, I had Meatloaf served to me by older siblings but, unlike with Prog, Meatloaf did not feature heavily in my music collection. That is not to say it didn’t exist there. It did. I had two cassettes featuring Meatloaf. One was the Bonnie Tyler collaboration Heaven and Hell, a God awful compilation album but I didn’t really know any better then. The other cassette was the Best of Meatloaf. One track was consistent across both cassettes and synonymous with Meatloaf; Bat out of Hell.

If you’ve never heard of the fat boy’s hit Bat Out Of Hell, you’re either under 30 or you’ve been living in a monastery. Also on this album is the far superior Paradise by The Dashboard Light, a tale about why it’s best not to make idle teen promises to get some sex, and that song featuring Cher (Dead Ringer for Love). 


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