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#130 – The Beach (OST) – Various Artists

on September 9, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 11.22.16 The Beach (Soundtrack) – Various Artists

After surviving a fate worse than marrying a soggy Kate Winslet and the sinking of a cruise liner, Leonardo Dicaprio swims all the way to Thailand and begins a life of backpacking across Asia.

During his adventures, some drunken sop tells him, in whispered tones, about a beach so beautiful it will melt your brain.

So begins the story of 90’s hedonism and awareness that secrets are best kept to yourself as nobody can be trusted. The film rings true to me especially as how every year people go to my favourite holiday spot, enjoy themselves and tell others to go too. Over the years the area has gone from nice quiet relaxing holiday spot to approaching awful Guardian reading family friendly frightfest.

Only without the drug smuggling, violence and Lord of the Flies inspired committees.

The soundtrack isn’t too bad either. It’s a nice snapshot of the 90’s hedonistic holiday nightclub crap that seemed to flood the radio waves, peoples cars and CD racks of the time. Bands such as Blur, Moby and All Saints feature with summer holiday inspiring tunes to whisk you off to your favourite sandy hot spot with a stylus fall.


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