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#141 – Before the Dream Faded – The Misunderstood

on September 22, 2014

Before the Dream Faded – The MisunderstoodBefore the Dream Faded

John Peel once called I Can Take You To The Sun the best popular song ever written. The Misunderstood were the original performers of that song.

I got this album following the death of John Peel and the release of the John Peel memorial album on which Take You to the Sun featured. The Misunderstood are one of those bands that were very influential on others but nobody seems to have heard of them.

A bit like Randy California’s Spirit.

Still, this isn’t bad. There are a number of tracks that seem a bit out of place but as the band didn’t actually release a full studio album (this album released in 1982 long after the artists had disbanded) this is not surprising.


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