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#153 – The Best Damn Thing – Avril Lavigne

on October 4, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 22.48.19The Best Damn Thing – Avril Lavigne

Those that know me know about my problems with Ms Lavigne.

It has been widely documented (elsewhere) that Ms Lavigne has, for some time now, been communicating with me via the medium of song. From Skater Boi (about me and her) to Complicated (also about her and me), Avril Lavigne has  seeded her songs with coded messages about her infatuation with me.

Indeed, it was only when a friend told me about her song Girlfriend that I became even more convinced. This is clearly a coded message aimed at me from Ms Lavigne and the only reason why I have any of her albums in my collection. Especially this one. The Best Damn Thing is a direct communication from her aimed at changes in my own life and her unwillingness to accept her attention is unrequited.

My legal team have been working on the issue for sometime.  I am awaiting a restraining order.



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