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#159 – The Best of & The Rest of British Psychedelia – Various Artists

on October 19, 2014


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 09.51.41The Best of & The Rest of British Psychedelia – Various Artists

It was obvious from the out set that the compiler of this compilation thinks that psychedelia has to either sound like Village Green Preservation Society by the Kinks or like it should be played in some new town like Reading or Milton Keynes with lots of young people expressing themselves through dress and dance.

It seems also that to pass as psychedelia, both the lyrics and the band name has to be slightly odd and quirky. This compilation has the following:

1 Morning Morgan Town – Jude
Keep Hold of What You’ve Got – The Shots
3 Shirley – Cliff Wade
House of Many Windows – Motherlight (sounds a bit like Genesis meets Marillion)
Peru – Chimera (Should be a theme tune for some Youthwave devil worship film from 1970, possibly starring Beryl Reid)
6 Saga of a Wrinkled Man – Fortes Mentum
7 Baby You’ve Gotta Stay – Angel Pavement
(Track 8 is Missing)
9 Laura’s Garden – Orange Bicycle
10 It Never Stays The Same – Bob Grimm
11 All Of My Life – Pussy
12 Green Mello Hill – Magic Worms
13 Leilla – Chiitra Neogy
14 Look At Me I’ve Fallen Into A Teapot – Cliff Wade

Never heard of any of them.  Nice as non-distracting background music…


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