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Beyond the Neighbourhood – Athlete (#181)

on November 13, 2014

Beyond the Neighbourhood - AthleteBeyond the Neighbourhood – Athlete 

Not sure what happened with Athlete. Their first album was full of promise. They commanded a really good gig when I went to see them live in Liverpool. Their second album was…ok…not terrible. But by the time we’d been Wires to death by incessant documentary usage, the magic had faded.

And so had they.

I came across this album by accident. I’d almost forgotten Athlete. Having listened to this I wish I’d kept them forgotten. Perhaps it was coming out as being a bit Jesusy that did for them (unfounded rumour). Perhaps it was just running out of steam. Or perhaps the pressures of rockstardom was too much. Either way, this is their forgettable third album. I don’t even care if they’ve got a fourth.

Expect to see them supporting Toploader at a community centre near you soon.


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