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Big Generator – Yes (#186)

on November 18, 2014

Big Generator – YesBig Generator - Yes

When this album came out in 1987, I was so excited. Here I was, a teenager, about to hear music from a band that had formed a few years before I was born. New music that was hopefully going to be a lot like 90125

I wasn’t disappointed.

Instead I recorded the album onto a cassette and listened to the tape until I was bored. I still love this album. It shows the direction Yes continued to follow for the next few years. Of course by the time House of Blues came out, I was already getting a bit bored of Yes. Especially as it seemed (at the time) that getting to see them play live was going to be purely a dream. Of course I’ve since seen them several times.

Still, the majority of my favorite songs by Yes are on this album. A lot of longer term fans hate it. I don’t. Fab stuff.


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