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Binbags – D’Ave (#190)

on November 22, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 18.36.20Binbags – D’Ave 

D’Ave is an artist I’ve found very little information about. I first came across D’Ave on a compilation I was sent by the now defunct music label Peoplesound. I liked his work so much I sent off for his album and this is that album.

Peoplesound will feature quite a few times through the duration of this project. Years ahead of its time, the site encouraged unsigned bands to record demos and albums which the site would then promote to music listeners and allow them to download samples or buy whole albums. The site lasted for several years and kept me in new music for just as long.

Of course few bands from the Peoplesound label actually made it big. Which is a shame as many were bloody good. Maybe some have changed their name and gone on to big things or maybe they’ve given up and got sensible jobs now. There is no way to find out really.

Anyway, as I said, D’Ave was a Peoplesound artist. I liked him. I bought his album. I can’t find anything about him other than the information I put on

Good tunes.




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