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British Music Hall Memories – Various Artists (#224)

on January 8, 2015

61ZbqguhRwLBritish Music Hall Memories – Various Artists

People say that pop stars today have no regard for decency or the effect they’ll have on the youth. Similarly, people say that music these days is a load of shite. The same people say that songs today have too many sexual connotations and nothing in the way of political vitriol or appeasement of folk culture.

Well this compilation of music hall hits highlight the fact that:-

– Lyrics in the 1900’s were just as dodgy if not more offensive than today (If the Man in the Moon were a Coon for example)

– Music in the 1900’s was of its time. Remix some of these songs with modern instruments or spin and scratch someone’s records over the top of them, you’ll have a hit (Waiting at the Church)

– Songs in the 1900’s are just as relevant to today’s society (My Grandfather’s Clock, I Love a Lassie)

– Lyrics in the 1900’s seemed innocent but the sexual connotations of some of the more popular songs were enough to make your grandmother blush. (Oh! Mr Porter, Father Papered the Parlour)


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