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Burn the Bridges: Demo Tapes 1970-1971 – Spirogyra (#232)

on January 21, 2015

Burn the Bridges - SpirogyraBurn the Bridges: Demo Tapes 1970-1971 – Spirogyra 

Spirogyra are a Canterbury scene band prominent in the underground prog-folk scene during the 1960s and 1970s.

Barbara Gaskin, Martin Cockerham, Mark Francis and friends got together to form prog-folk band Spirogyra when they met at the University of Canterbury. Handily it was at the height of the Canterbury scene. Folky hipsters, the original folky hipsters, not the short trouser legged numpties you see today wandering round studenty areas of Brighton, loved them.

Thirty years after their break up in 1974, I came across their albums lurking on a dusty binary newsgroup. I’d never heard of them but after a few listens I was hooked. It was like listening to the voices of ghosts across the ages. Talented folk musicians hardly anyone had heard of, singing at me. With lyrics of fire and venom, not angst and wank like most musicians these days. Beautiful tones.

A bit of research at the time brought up nothing very much about them. It was ideal. The most obscure band ever. Popular in their time, now mostly forgotten about. Music I could now force on people. Music I could share and bring back alive. Music that people would hear again.

And so here we are, over 10 years after that  discovery and I’m sharing their music with you.



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