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Call Off the Search – Katie Melua (#237)

on January 27, 2015

220px-Katie_Melua_-_Call_Off_the_SearchCall Off the Search – Katie Melua

Thing is, I remember when Katie was flavour of the month. Her song was everywhere. So was her face. These days, despite six studio albums, it seems like you hardly hear a peep about her.  Better not call off that search, she may have gone missing. Or perhaps someone saw sense and put her to good use as drainage for their patio.

In the noughties, Katie Melua was everywhere. Her and David Grey. Everywhere. There was no escape. It was like there had been an explosion in a Coffee Table Music Factory and everyone had been affected. Of course, with me being sensible in such matters, I wasn’t affected. I’m not hip enough for popularist music to drill its way into my ears.

Closest Thing to Crazy was everywhere in 2003. Dinner party hosts seemed to have it on repeat or alternated it with David Grey and Coldplay. Good God. No wonder kids today are so messed up, having been conceived to crap like this.

This album is purely in my collection because it was a Coffee Table Album. Everyone had it. Mrs-Ex-Gnomepants wanted it. I couldn’t care less about it. We got it. Here it is. I still don’t like it.  But hey! It’s Mike “Wombles” Batt, so it’s acceptable. Really it’s Mike Batt. It’s all Mike Batt. Production, composition, conducting, tea making. Batt. Wombles everywhere. Uncle Bulgaria.





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