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Casino Classics: The Remix Album – St Etienne [#250]

on February 17, 2015

Casino+Classics++PackshotCasino Classics: The Remix Album – St Etienne

Let me get this perfectly clear. Playing records at people does not make you a musician. It makes you someone who knows how to use a record player. It involves very little musical talent and, unless you can score the music, it’s not music. It’s someone else’s music.

I’ve had this opinion since the very early days of my life’s musical journey. This was reinforced in the early 90s by an article in Mix Mag titled “Did Charly Kill Rave“. No. Charly didn’t kill rave. Rave died on the floor like a gasping fish because it isn’t proper music. It’s people playing records. That’s my opinion,  20 years later, I’m sticking to it.

And so we get to Casino Classics. I suspect this is yet another album filched from gay Jamie. It’s dire. It’s in the bin.



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