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Chicago Demos – Blood Ruby (#263)

on March 4, 2015

Blood RubyChicago Demos – Blood Ruby

Not entirely sure about this album either. Blood Ruby are a band that feature on the Jamendo rights free music site. When looking for music to accompany one of my many films I fidgeted about on the Jamendo website looking for fitting music to use. I suspect I was attracted by the album artwork.

Blood Ruby, according to Last.FM, are made up of Cynthia Conrad (vocals), Margaret Browning (vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards), and Thomas Wall (guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, engineering). They all met online, as it appears most people did until Facebook and the media made everyone insular and untrusting, much like Tryad and other similar bands.

Their style is listed as dream pop or etheral which is a good fit really. Think Cranes meets Portishead. Although this genre has really had its day, there occasionally appears the occasional new artist that makes their mark. Sadly, this appears to be the first of the only two albums available from this artist and even their website makes it appear like they’ve given up and gone their separate ways. You can judge for yourself because, as with all Jamendo bands, their music is available to download here from the Jamendo Website.


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