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Chimera – Delerium (#266)

on March 7, 2015

ChimeraChimera – Delerium

On the back of Delerium’s Silence and my love of early Enigma, I thought, “Do you know? I’m going to get the entire back catalogue of Delerium”. Which is what I did. Again.

And we all know where that road leads….Yep, that’s right, there’s a reason why some bands only have one hit. That’s because the rest of their stuff is shite. But it seems like every artist I “back catalogued” seem to have this thing where they only have a few songs I eventually like.

Delerium came at the time when bands where chucking out chill out like nobody’s business, fuelled by the success of Enigma and other bands. It seems that the listening public wanted music they could “chill-out” to sometime in the late nineties/early noughties. Chilling out meant taking drugs, getting laid or lighting a couple of joss sticks and talking shite with some mates. That’s the kind of way we rolled in the days before internet and Facebook saw an end to socialising.

Chimera is Delerium’s twelfth album. By this time most normal artists have moved on to newer things. Delerium continued a bit longer with stuff like this. As long as people are wanting to take drugs, seduce people for sex or talk shite with their mates over a couple of lighted joss sticks, there’ll be room for music and artists like this.




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