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Clear – Bomb the Bass [#279]

on March 24, 2015

Clear - Bomb the Bass Clear – Bomb the Bass

This album was gathered on a quest for the song Bug Powder Dust which features on this album but is not the version that was being sought.

The previous Mrs-Gnomepants was given a mix tape from her friend Emma who happened to have some rather good DJ skills. On the tape was a version of Bug Powder Dust which later turned out to be a remix by Kruder and Dorfmeister. Previous Mrs-Gnomepants was eager to obtain a copy of the song and so began the quest to find the right version.

So other than Bug Powder Dust, I have no real attachment to this album. This kind of music is not my thing. Occasionally this style of music will come up with the occasional treat for me but longer, deeper listening to this genre just ends up with me saying something like “What a racket!” or “When does this song end?”.

And some people diss prog!?


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