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The Collection 1977-1982 – The Stranglers [#289]

on April 9, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 08.19.53Hamish Grice. I always wonder what happened to that guy. In the nineties we shared flats in a flatblock of student accommodation and often shared and compared music. This is an album which he shared with me.

At the time I had only heard of The Stranglers through their hit Golden Brown; a song that seemed so hypnotic and full of Eastern promise in a way that Turkish Delight could never fulfil. But the more I listened to this compilation the more I was aware that I already knew.

Peaches for example: The open riff was used by Keith Floyd’s cookery programme. No More Heroes features on the gritty eighties compilation from the nineties Sound of the Suburbs. Strange Little Girl had been haunting my ear for many years till this point without any recognisable source other than imagination. And Always the Sun had been my anthem for misplaced optimism since my teenage years.

I was so enamoured with the compilation, Hamish did me a tape of it using his nifty tape-to-tape tape deck. A tape I still have. Somewhere.

Like long Salad Fingeresque fingers strangling you, the Strangler’s music invades your ears and mind, causing flashbacks and strange stirrings of rebellion as well as an overwhelming desire for toast.


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