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Core – Stone Temple Pilots [#309]

on May 8, 2015

StonetemplepilotscoreBack in the early noughties the seeds of goth planted during my twenties began to sprout when The Crow soundtrack landed in my Usenet news reader. I’d come to the film late. Pretty much like how I came to the goth music scene late.

On the soundtrack, which will feature on this project in a couple of weeks, one artist that took my musical fancy was Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots. So I grabbed one of their albums just to see if the rest of their stuff was any good.

Stone Temple Pilots sound like a crap hybrid of Knucklecock Nickleback and Breaking Benjamin. Blisters of grunge, no doubt from Ugly Kid Joe, Offspring and Avril Lavigne concoctions, were starting to grow in my musical psyche. Stone Temple Pilots seemed to be the missing link for my gaping yawn.

Alas, it was not to be, Core is not the easiest of albums for a newcomer. The flame died and I progressed into the realm of Dark Wave, Neofolk and further into the recesses of Goth.




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