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Crime of the Century – Supertramp [#321]

on May 27, 2015

Supertramp_-_Crime_of_the_CenturyI find it a little amusing that I was introduced to this album by a criminal, who at this very moment is in the process of repaying his debt to society.   Or, as he puts it, sitting on the naughty step.
I’d never listened to this album before we got a copy at work, although I knew Dreamer (big UK hit) and Bloody well right (big hit in the U.S., apparently) the rest were a mystery to me.  After visiting it a few times I know I will listen to this again and again.  This is the classic Supertramp sound I love, and whilst it could never topple my all time favourite  ‘Even in the quietest moments’ from its top spot I can imagine growing very fond of it.


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