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Croix de Bois – Croix de Feu – Le Joyaux de la Princesse [#324]

on June 1, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 22.19.08Once more into  the dark recesses of the psyche with the sinister French band Le Joyaux de la Princesse.

We’ve met LJDP before on the music project, way back at the very start of the music project. Cast your mind, or your mouse button, back to their collaboration with Blood Axis (Absinthe), or to one of their dark French history albums Aux Volontaires Croix De Sang or Aux Petits Enfants de FranceIf you did, and you’re still not scared or scarred by the music they produce, I invite you to turn another corner and enter further into the darkness with Croix de Bois Croix de Feu and remember, I like the atmospherics and not the political references that inspired the band.

And now for some French history: Croix de Bois (Wooden Crosses) is a 1932 film by Raymond Bernard. The film has an anti-war message and draws from the tragedy and horrors of the First World War. A lesson that, a hundred years later, we still have not learned.

Conversely, Croix de Feu was a French political movement with fascist links contributing to the Vichy France. Popular in the years between the two world wars and then for a short time after the second world war, Croix de Feu (cross of fire) became a part of the French Nationalist movement. A dark time for France and Europe. A dark time we must not forget or bury.

The album is the band’s 9th release and leaves not only a nasty taste in the mouth but a nasty feeling of unease and disappointment with the world. It is a powerful band, one that can cause unsettling feelings with music, old recordings of political rallies and no lyrics. I suggest that you only listen to this if you do not suffer from a nervous disposition.



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