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Darkness & Hope – Moonspell [#340]

on June 24, 2015

Moonspell-DarknessAndHopeSuppose, in your middle age, you met with your musical chums and said, “Hey let’s form a band”. Then suppose they agreed to your request and you then had a meeting to discuss what style of music you would play and write.

Let’s then imagine that you thought you’d do something dark, gothic and creepy to appeal to the disaffected youth of the day. The only problem being, you only have the stereotypical versions of similar bands to go on.

That is Moonspell. About as dark as a stationary cupboard, as sinister as a filing cabinet and as growly as a photocopier, hell they’re probably even
made up of the guys who do your IT. You know, the ones that smell of hamsters and like Lord of the Rings.

This album is not too bad. It’s actually quite amusing because they’re obviously not naturally the sound they are, they’re engineered to sound like they’re dark. In fact if Moonspell ditched the death growls they’d probably be alright and much akin to Scream Silence.



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