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Dawnrazor – Fields of the Nephilim [#343]

on June 29, 2015

DawnrazorCarl McCoy and chums again, this time it’s the band’s debut album from 1987.

If you cast your mind back to Cassette I told you about how I was given a tape with FOTN songs on and how influential it was on my life. Well the majority of the songs on Cassette are from this album.

Damned cowboys. Bloody good album.



2 responses to “Dawnrazor – Fields of the Nephilim [#343]

  1. shikenkan says:

    I love goth rock but I just can’t seem to get on with the likes of Nephilim and the Mission, they sound too native American and hippy, if that makes sense.

    • stegzy says:

      I don’t find Fields of the Nephilim as “native American” or “hippy” at all, far from it. Fields of the Nephilim is a bit of an acquired taste though.

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