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Dead Letters – The Rasmus [#349]

on July 7, 2015

440px-DeadLettersCoverUKUSADeadLettersCoverMore Finnish Eurorock, this time with the fifth album by Finnish alt-rockers The Rasmus.
I first came across The Rasmus when they appeared on a compilation of Gothic music I acquired from dubious sources. The song that appeared on the compilation was their hit In the Shadows which, several years later seemed to feature on every television programme or film requiring a bit of music to wake the viewer up. But, of course, being a hipster,  I heard and liked the song some time before this happened.

Sadly, following the acquisition of this album, it appeared that their song In the Shadows was still the only song I liked. Even when, for the purpose of this music project, I listened to the album in its entirety, I was still unable to find any other song that stirred up those feelings one feels when listening to good music. Moreover, I found In the Shadows a teeny bit passé.

Just goes to show that our love of music truly is organic and constantly evolves. However it still amuses me when I see copies of this album for sale in bargain bins and car boot sales.


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