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Demo 1 & 2 – First Time Down [#359]

on July 21, 2015

Jim Ellis Steve Cobain and others

Jim Ellis Steve Cobain and others

One of the good things about having musical friends and having a healthy interest in music as a whole means that the likelihood of meeting quality musicians who are members of a quality band is high. One such band is First Time Down.

Having had at least 3 incarnations that I can remember including A Million Pieces, Dirtbox and  Eugene Martone, First Time Down are comprised of Steve Cobain and Jim Ellis. The curious thing was I had some music by Dirtbox in my library long before actually meeting Steve and Jim in real life.

These two demo recordings, recorded a few years apart, help demonstrate how well the band work and have evolved. Songs such as Big Star and Falling Fast appear on both CDs and are excellent examples of this evolution showcasing Steve’s distinctive voice and Jim’s refined guitar playing. Like a definitive aural time capsule.

I’m not entirely sure if they still perform as a band but I am aware they do still perform as a duo. Indeed, by curious coincidence, Jim is getting married later this week and I’m sure the two will be performing together then as well.


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