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The Ditty Bops – The Ditty Bops [#377]

on August 15, 2015

DIRTY+DANCINGThe Ditty Bops – The Ditty Bops

Steelrattus here again, with the sixth of my guest posts in this seven day run.

The Ditty Bops is the second of the two albums in these seven days that I don’t know at all. Again I have done the right thing, sat down, and listened to it. First impressions are contemporary bluegrass. Unfortunately this is a bigger problem than the previously reviewed album, as this isn’t my type of music at all. As an aside, of late I’ve started listening to Radio Paradise, and although it’s pretty eclectic it also has too much in the way of both country and western for my tastes. Anyway, the album is a similar sound throughout, albeit a couple of tracks seem slightly more pop-y.

A fact check unearths that this is their first album, released in 2004. They’ve released four albums subsequently, have had their tracks played in TV programmes, and featured on a Bob Dylan album.


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