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Dream Weaver – Gary Wright [#393]

on September 3, 2015

Gary_Wright_-_Dream_Weaver_-_lowresBack in the 80s there was a television programme on BBC2 called No Limits. It featured the young Jenny Powell and some other bloke who hasn’t done owt since, poncing around the UK playing popular music.

There was a section of the show where they played “new” or “interesting” music. Songs such as The Hooter’s Satellite and Men Without Hats’ Safety Dance would be played often as well as other contemporary songs.

One song that featured regularly was Gary Wright’s Dream Weaver. I liked it. Like all the songs I liked at the time, they very rarely got airplay. Usually because they were too old or because I liked them. Even after appearing on the popular film Waynes World, airplay of Gary Wright’s Dream Weaver didn’t increase. So when the free-for-all internet download frenzy of the early to mid noughties was in full swing, I looked for the song and was surprised to see that it was a great deal older than I thought.

Wright released the song on his titular album The Dream Weaver back in 1976, way before Wayne’s World and way before No Limits back in a post-hippy pre-punk time. The album is  contemporaneous  and the influence of Wright’s friends, Lennon and Harrison, is evident in its floaty-vagina peace-love-man tones. As a result, and with the passage of time and a hint of personal attitudes, this is far-out tosh that probably should be given to a charity shop or thrift store.



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