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Empire – Queensryche [#427]

on October 22, 2015

Queensryche_-_Empire_coverFirst of all, let me thank my good friend Jim Ellis for his contribution to my musical development. It was he who introduced me to the wonders of eighties/nineties big hair stadium rockers Queensryche and their albums Empire and Operation: Mindcrime.

Delicious hairy rock with a strong cheese flavour akin to a musical version of parmesan.

Empire is Queensryche’s fourth studio album and arrives on the back of their successful Operation:Mindcrime album. Sadly, the magic the band brought to the world wasn’t as strong in Empire as it was in Mindcrime but conceptually, Empire does stand well on its own and obviously points to the band’s golden era. Sadly, despite regular reshuffles, leavings and rejoinings, subsequent albums fail to reach the dizzy heights Empire’s aural swan song brings. But, of course, this didn’t stop me foolishly seeking out the band’s entire back catalogue.


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