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Équinoxe – Jean Michel Jarre [#429]

on October 26, 2015

Equinoxe_Jarre_AlbumHaving been brought up in the nineteen seventies and having two older brothers who had been brought through the future yearning decade of the nineteen sixties on a diet of Doctor Who and the promises of holidays on the moon and jet packs, it is no wonder that Jarre features heavily on the music project.

Having listened to Équinoxe for the first time since possibly 1988 I was struck by how Jarre’s music still causes ASMR in me.  From remembering the feeling of the sofa of my childhood, to recalling the scent of my father’s aftershave and the nu-electriconicz smell of the 1970’s record player. All these memories came flooding back. Moreover by the time part IV had started I was already considering nipping upstairs to put on some orange or brown clothing to fully immerse myself in 1970s popular culture.

Equinox was Jarre’s fourth studio album fresh on the heels of Oxygene. While it appears to not have been received well by music critics of the time, the album has proliferated itself into generation X’s collective subconsciousness having, in part, been featured on every futurism, “science” and schools and colleges related television programme between its release and 1986. In fact, I challenge anyone between the ages of 35 and 45 to listen and not think of the likes of Jonny Ball or video sequences of robotic production plants.



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