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Fear of Fours – Lamb [#465]

on December 15, 2015

440px-Cover-fearoffoursAs if in contrast with the previous entry, Fear of Fours is an album by a band that I was told I “should” like.

“All the cool people and those that know about culture and shit like Lamb. Lamb were doing shit before shit was shit and yadayadayada” said the cool proto-hipster to me one evening over a jam jar of poncey Euro-lager. Of course he was being ironic and Lamb are actually shite. Never the less, just in case I am mistaken by my conjecture, I have continued to hold this album in my collection just in case some Road to Damascus moment strikes me and I alight the staircase to eternal coolness.

Complete with beard and half-mast trousers.



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