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Final Cut – Pink Floyd [#469]

on December 21, 2015

FloydFC-Cover01The twelfth studio album by Pink Floyd.

It still amuses me to think about a former acquaintance of mine insisting that the only Pink Floyd album available on CD was Animals and that his copy was a rare limited edition. Yet several visits to HMV  and a brandishing of a fistful of CDs in a face later I was still to hear an apology or admission that he was an idiot.  Still, I like to also imagine that he spent some time in his later life, dropping the soap in the showers at the local penitentiary.

Final Cut often comes across as a Roger Waters solo album and, indeed, legend has it that at this point in the band’s career, the other members of the group couldn’t be arsed had fallen out and eventually Waters was to go his own way leaving Gilmour to ruin or enhance the band depending on your point of view. A concept album about the futility and effects of war on those that are sent out to do the dirty while the privileged stay at home and enjoy their riches.

I really like this album. It always sends me on a journey through bitterness via anger and culminating in a shiver down my spine. I’m also of the opinion that it should be compulsory listening for MPs before voting on whether to go to war. I dream that, come the revolution, my MP, Chris Heaton-Harris (who has me blocked on Twitter), will be forced to listen to this album whilst tied naked to a chair in Daventry Country Park on a cold wet Wednesday in February.

However, the album is divisive amongst fans of the band with four camps forming, those that see it as Waters’ final push to break the band apart and hating it, those that see it as a swan song for the band and love it, and those that don’t feel strong about it either way. I sit firmly in the fourth camp, those that really like it and don’t care. What do you think?


3 responses to “Final Cut – Pink Floyd [#469]

  1. steelrattus says:

    Your MP *blocked* you?! Gotta love democracy!

    I’ve not listened to The Final Cut properly. Must do that one day, but I suspect my love for Amused to Death will overshadow it.

    • stegzy says:

      Yes, unfortunately he didn’t like me correcting his misguided admiration for Margaret Thatcher.

      If you like Amused to Death you might detect a few early themes in Final Cut. I like to think of Amused to Death as a sequel of sorts or at least a continuation of the story told via Final Cut. Incidentally, when I saw Waters live in Sheffield in the noughties he played a lot from both albums.

  2. Outstandingly beautiful! I can imagine that walking around with the embryo of ‘The Final Cut’ in one’s gut… it’d be hard to want to integrate others suggestions.

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