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Fine Young Cannibals – Fine Young Cannibals [#472]

on January 5, 2016

Fine_Young_Cannibals_-_Fine_Young_CannibalsRoland Gift and chums in their first album of a two album career.

If you were around in the mid eighties you are probably already over familiar with Mr Squeaky voice squeezing out Suspicious Minds and crooning about Johnny coming home from this album or some woman driving him crazy from the follow up. If you weren’t, it’s likely you have heard their songs on compilations from the time.

This is another album where I’m unsure how it ended up in my music collection. I was never a big fan of FYC, finding the shrill warblings of Mr Gift a little too strong for my aural pallet. However that didn’t stop me doing a really good impression of him on stage at an amateur dramatics performance in Sheffield during the early nineties. Indeed, although the proliferation of the second album, The Raw & The Cooked, throughout acquaintance’s music collections was high, I suspect the only reason the first album exists on in my collection is because someone foisted it on me intending me to “like” it.


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