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Floating Into the Night – Julee Cruise [#482]

on January 19, 2016

220px-Jc_floatLike a capsule containing music the youth of Twin Peaks might have listened to, Cruise’s Floating Into the Night brings a hauntological sound to the listener’s ears.

I suppose if Twin Peaks wasn’t your thing, you might not appreciate the subtle nuances of Julee Cruise’s first studio release. But as anyone who was alive in the nineties was sucked into the world of David Lynch’s  epic about the murder of a middle class high school prom queen in a peaceful backwater American border town, it’s unlikely you have no conception of the eerie world portrayed in the TV series and its accompanying soundscape.

Cruise’s vocals haunt the listener like the whisper on a breeze through a forest of Douglas Fir pine trees and, nearly twenty seven years later, still send chills, shivers and flashes of terror down the listener’s spine. In my opinion, this is Cruise’s best work. Her follow up album, Voice of Love ,still dipping into the Lynch universe didn’t reach the same levels and the magic fades on subsequent later albums such as Art of Being a Girl .



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