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Fragile Army – Polyphonic Spree [#496]

on February 8, 2016

TFArmyCoverI’d heard of Polyphonic Spree in rumours, whispers and the occasional collaboration with other artists like Yoko Ono and  I wanted to hear more. So, during the Great Internet Download Free-for-All of 2007-2010 I was able to obtain a copy of Fragile Army.
I’ve always liked the concept of an ever increasing band, the community of music and the celebration of creativity fostered by bands like Polyphonic Spree and British folk band Bellowhead. Added to this, the open airiness and audible joy that emanated from what I’d heard of Polyphonic Spree’s music (notably You and I with Yoko Ono and Love My Way). However my joy was short lived as I started to realise that Polyphonic Spree was run like some sort of sinister cult like the Moonies or Hari Krishna led by a quasi-David Koresh figure. Furthermore, the sound becomes repetative, too similar and tracks become difficult to distinguish from.

That’s why my interest in Polyphonic Spree seems to tail off towards the middle of the album. Shame really.


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